Monday, July 18, 2011

Once Upon a Sometime

(This is what i really fell) 

Sometimes the way you look at me,
Looks like you are in Love.
That look, my friend, would tell it all,
'xCept it's not me you're thinking of.

There are times when I make you laugh,
you'll blush or smile or sigh.
And though I know it's her you like,
I can't help but wonder why.

And then there's times I feel so loved,
When in me you do confide.
But it kills me then to hear how good 
she makes you feel inside

Sometimes you're in my daydreams,
And I wish they would come true.
And I wonder if you ever
have those daydreams, too.

And although I search for answers,
On my promise you can depend.
although I feel for you is Love,
I'll always be your Friend. ^_^

by Jamie Tucker

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