Monday, July 18, 2011

Once Upon a Sometime

(This is what i really fell) 

Sometimes the way you look at me,
Looks like you are in Love.
That look, my friend, would tell it all,
'xCept it's not me you're thinking of.

There are times when I make you laugh,
you'll blush or smile or sigh.
And though I know it's her you like,
I can't help but wonder why.

And then there's times I feel so loved,
When in me you do confide.
But it kills me then to hear how good 
she makes you feel inside

Sometimes you're in my daydreams,
And I wish they would come true.
And I wonder if you ever
have those daydreams, too.

And although I search for answers,
On my promise you can depend.
although I feel for you is Love,
I'll always be your Friend. ^_^

by Jamie Tucker

Thursday, July 7, 2011

its about LOVE

Assalamualaikum yall's......

Today my entry is about LOVE. Maybe it sound a bit JIWANG (skali sekala pe salahnya kan) hehehe..
How do people fall in LOVE?? Seriously im not really sure....went the topic is about LOVE most of you might though its about special Girlfriend or i right??
What is LOVE exactly? Sebabkan zaman dah je la google right? hehehe (i most like about this article)
L.O.V.E is definitly essential in our life. How much we appreciate love in our life? What can we get from love?


Being lucky as a Muslim. Learn the meaning of love in Islam is beautiful. I love Allah, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, my parent, family and all my Muslim sisters and brothers.


Obey the rules in Al-Quran and As-Sunnah, we will surely the perfect blissful life. There are many things that we can learnt in Al-Quran and As-Sunnah, including love. As we know, Islam is a religion that loves peace.


Vowing(berjanji) that there is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Only Allah is The One who we cannot forget. He is always watching us and always cares about us.


Love is an effort to get the meanigful life. Always caring and being honest is a vital in love. we need to be caring and honest with our brothers and sisters in Islam and to all people all around the world.

That is LOVE, Which will always makes us smile and happy, always in our heart, forever and ever......In Shaa Allah....renung-renungkan ^_^

Friday, July 1, 2011


Salam peps.. hee
Atlast today...siap jugak Ice Cream Goreng...Even though my Ice Cream tak brapa nak cantek lah...But still it taste quite are some picture I took just now....

Here i share with You guys the recipe of ICE CREAM GORENG

Bahan-Bahan :
  1. 10 keping roti (macam roti Gardenia)
  2. 5 scope ice cream (any flavor you like)
  3. Plastic wrap (untuk balut ice cream)
  4. minyak masak
Cara2 Membuatnya (untuk dapat 5 ketul ice cream goreng) :
  1. Lembabkan roti dengan air (saya guna spray pada roti)
  2. Scop ice cream ke atas roti yang lembab tadi
  3. Tutup ice cream dengan lagi satu roti yang lembab
  4. Tekan acuan yang bulat untuk memutuskan roti tadi (make sure roti di tutup dgn rapat)
  5. Balut dengan plastic suapaya x melekat dan aiskrim x terkeluar, kemudian simpan dalam freezer sehingga keras (saya simpan semalaman)
  6. Minyak dipanaskan dalam kuali, dan goreng roti yang sudah beku tadi sehingga kekuningan
  7. Akhir skali....siap di hidang =)

*any suggestion you wanna share coment on the coment box section below...ok dear